Dryer Balls All Natural Alpaca Wool Eco Friendly Felted Laundry Product

$9.95 - $52.00

You'll love our all natural dryer balls! They are made with a special blend of our alpaca fiber and wool. There are no tennis balls or other materials anywhere in these balls - just 100% all natural fiber!

These dryer balls also make the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, and even baby showers! Different. Simple. Eco-Friendly.


We recommend 4 dryer balls for optimal drying performance - especially if drying towels or jeans, or if you have large loads. 2-3 dryer balls are fine for small/medium loads or light weight clothing.


All Natural Colors! Our dryer balls come in an assortment of colors including white, beige, gray, brown, and dark chocolate.

We will pick a nice assortment for you based on what's available at the time of your order. If you prefer a specific color, please let us know at checkout.

Please note that the color on the outside of the ball may be different than the color inside the ball as it is based on how much of a particular color we have on hand when we make the balls. Regardless of the color, it is still 100% fiber all the way through. :-)

Our dryer balls are all natural/un-dyed colors so they will not bleed in your dryer.

Our dryer balls are wet felted on the farm and are chemical free - the perfect replacement for dryer sheets (and even plastic dryer balls) which emit unwanted chemicals onto your clothes and clog up your dryer vent.

Simply toss the dryer balls in your dryer with your clothes - that's it - they do the rest! Our dryer balls are the perfect size to help lift the clothes as they turn. This enhances air circulation and helps dry your clothes faster - saving you time and money (less electricity).

Our dryer balls are a little larger than a tennis ball and weigh ~ 1.4oz. We recommend 4 dryer balls for the best results. You can use 2-3 balls for small loads, medium loads 3-4 balls. Large loads 4+ balls. We use 4 balls in all our loads with good results.

Please note that dryer balls do not create or reduce static. Static forms when items are too dry. This is particularly true in the winter months when the air is already very dry.

Want to purchase the adorable laundry king mini alpaca in the photo? You can do that! Use the drop down menu above to make your selection. You'll need to come back to this listing to add the dryer balls to your cart as well. These cuties make laundry time lots of fun.

This mini alpaca is made with real alpaca fiber and stands ~ 5" high fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Please note that we will glue the crown on the alpaca's head unless you request otherwise.

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Packaged on the farm in a smoke free environment.

Photos by Clark Summit Alpacas.