Alpaca Cat Ball Kitty Toy with Bell Wool Fiber Cat Toy - 3 Ball Set

$14.95 - $29.00

Cats just LOVE our Alpaca Cat Balls! Hedgehogs love them too! Check out the last photo - it is from one of our happy hedgehog customers. ❤

This listing is for YOUR CHOICE of 3 "ping pong" sized alpaca cat balls. Additional balls are also available - see drop down menu for pricing.

Check out our fun colors! First photo shows lavender, purple, fuchsia, pink, and light lime. We also have mustard, red, light blue, blue/green, and blue (2nd photo). Plus an assortment of natural colors (tan, brown, grey) that are not shown.

You will receive an assortment of these colors. If you have a specific preference, please add a comment at check out.


Our cat balls are hand felted on the farm with alpaca fiber from our herd. Other than the bell (which has been felted inside), they are made with 100% fiber - all the way through!

We use eco-friendly dyes to create the top layer of the colored balls seen in the photos. The inside fiber may be a different color (white or brown) as it is un-dyed.

We also have an assortment of natural balls that are 100% un-dyed (outside and inside). Please let us know if you would prefer to have these.

Our alpaca cat balls are ~1.25 - 1.5 inches high/wide - about the size of a ping pong ball.

Cats go CRAZY for these balls. When you squeeze them, they feel a little like a mouse. Sounds icky, but a cat's natural instincts kick in when they feel the "naturalness" of the fiber on their tongue. Because these balls are soft, cats can pick them up with their teeth or claw them.

Out of all the items we sell, we get the most "thank you emails" from our cat clients. Well, from the parents who love them. Here are just a few...

"My cat hasn't played in years. These cat balls have awakened his inner child"

"When I want to get my cat to come to me now, all I have to do is pick up your alpaca ball and give it a shake. As soon as she hears it, she comes running!".

"My cat just watched it for the first two days with an expression that said 'what is that and how did it get in the house'? Now she has it with her all the time."

"I can actually play catch with my cat. I throw the ball and he catches it - even jumps in the air after it. If he misses, he runs after it until he gets it. Then... HE BRINGS IT BACK! Love it!"


The last two photos are from our clients. The first one shows a very excited cat happy to receive his new alpaca ball. The second one shows a hedgehog enjoying his new alpaca ball toy!

Cat Nip Free. We intentionally do not use any cat nip in our alpaca cat balls. We find most cats really like the alpaca just the way it is.


It is best to supervise all pets during play and to put toys away when not in use. Do not give to cats who like to eat wool or other nonfood items.

This toy is not intended for dogs. Buyer assumes all responsibility.

Colors vary but are similar to those pictured.



Shipping is $4.95 for this item by itself.

But don't be afraid to fill up your cart! As you add more items, the most you will pay for shipping (anywhere in the U.S.) is $5.95. No surprises at check out because we are subsidizing the balance. Plus your package will ship within 3 business days!

International buyers please contact us for a shipping quote.

❤ WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY with your purchase. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.



Please note that colors may appear different from monitor to monitor. We do our best to photograph as accurately as possible.

While we are not able to offer returns, please contact us if there are any issues with your order.

Packaged on the farm in a smoke free environment.

Photos by Clark Summit Alpacas.